Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 07/7/2012

Saturday Vids: Shree Bose, Teenage Cancer Researcher

Shree Bose has inspired me since I learned that she was the Grand Prize winner of the Google Global Science Fair. As her TEDxwomen’s speaker’s page describes: “[Shree's] award-winning project involved the study of a particular protein, AMP kinase, of interest in cancer cells. Through tests on inhibiting this protein’s activity, her research determined its extreme importance in the development of chemotherapy resistance. She proposed a new way to treat resistant patients when they no longer respond to the chemotherapy drug. For the over 240,000 patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer, this research will reduce the recurrence rates in patients treated with particular chemotherapy drugs.” Pretty amazing, considering she just graduated high school. I wanted to share with everybody Shree’s entry for the Women’s Media Center’s Girls State of the

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Feminism | Posted by Cicutae on 08/3/2010

Sexism in Science

You know what makes me angry? The fact that I apparently can’t do science because I have a vagina. Now, I didn’t think that my gender was damaging my math and science skills, but I guess having breasts means that engineering isn’t for me.

I went down to a NASA space flight center earlier this year as part of my Rocket Club team. We were participating in a competition sending 10-foot-long rockets a mile into the hot Alabama air. There was a “rocket fair” where we displayed our rocket and experiment for NASA employees and the other teams to peruse. I stood proudly in front of our display and tried to engage the passing engineers.

“Do you have any questions Sir?” The response was almost always the same – a …

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Feminism | Posted by Cat F on 05/27/2010

Female/Male Brain?

When I took an online ‘female/male brain’ quiz for class, it told me I have a male brain. I have a strong visuospatial sketchpad – I got nearly 100% on both an angles task and a rotation one. This is an easy thing to explain away culturally: I love cars, speak loudly and frequently in male-dominated conversation, want to be a scientist when I grow up – I may as well be XY. But I got “female” results too – excellent at verbal tasks, ring and pointer fingers are the same length, prefer traditionally masculine faces. It appears that my ability to spin blocks in my head is the only indicator of my so-called masculinity. That it is so strongly weighted that way makes me call b.s. on the whole …

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