Feminism | Posted by Sara Rowe on 04/14/2010

Girlzone.com – An Alternative to Beauty, Boys and Fashion Saturated Websites

For those of you girls looking for something different in the websites that you visit, I would like to introduce you to Girlzone.com. I’m the Managing Editor of this great website, which was one of the first independent website for girls created. Girl Zone was launched in 1997 with a specific “progressive” mission in mind. We wanted girls to feel good about who they are now and their potential for the future. Girl Zone is about the whole girl. While most traditional media for teen girls offer up mostly beauty, boys and fashion, Girl Zone offers content related to all aspects of a girls life.

Girl Zone is a hip and healthy website which provides girls with a chance to voice their opinions and to connect with other girls …

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Awareness | Posted by Julie Z on 04/13/2010

B-Listed interviews Nancy Lublin

A while back B-Listed (which, if you don’t know is this really cool pop-culture human rights blog aimed at influencing the media) interviewed Nancy Lublin, who I think is really rad.

Basically, Nancy Lubin started Do Something.org which is this really awesome organization that tries to motivate teens to get off their asses and, well, do something – volunteer, help other people, etc. etc. As a teen myself, I know how hard this can be (and how badly adults want us to in fact unglue ourselves from TV on the internet…and how very hard that is) so I definitely appreciate her valiant effort.

B-Listed offered that the FBomb re-post this interview, and I’m happy to present it below:

What do you think it is about Do Something that motivates

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